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We are Half-Time Orange, a brand-new theatre company dedicated to producing innovative and exciting work bringing local communities and their histories to the stage.

With an emphasis on accessibility and outreach the company looks to work alongside local venues and charitable organisations in order to better engage communities with local history and the creative arts.


Do you run a venue or a site of historical importance? Looking to bring forgotten histories to life via live performance? Perhaps you belong to a heritage society or are looking to host an event as part of a wider programme? Find out more about what we do and how we can help below:

Or get a feel of what we do by taking a look at our Recent Projects:

Want to work with us? Get in touch!

Coming Up...


Ghostly Tales of Sussex

Ghostly Tales of Sussex copy.png

Marlipins Museum, Shoreham-by-Sea

There is something spooky afoot in Shoreham-by-Sea...


Rumours are swirling and whispers abound of haunted cries heard throughout the night, of spectral riders, ghoulish visions and figures in the mist…


Luckily, Victorian spiritualist and paranormal investigator Julius Douris is on the case and determined to get to the bottom of whoever - or whatever - it is that roams the footbridge at night, causing local residents to fear stepping out their doors on such evenings.


Join him for an evening of Sussex Ghost Stories as he relates tales of supernatural sightings, ghostly goings-on and cases cracked as well as an array of nineteenth century techniques and practices with which to solve the mystery of Shoreham’s most infamous wandering spirit. A spooky evening of chilling ghost tales awaits for those who think themselves brave enough!

Produced by Half-Time Orange Theatre as part of Shoreham WordFest in association with Marlipins Museum and Sussex Past.

Isaac Finch // The Investigator | Julius Douris


Supernatural Sussex and the Spectres of Shoreham-by-Sea


Just On...

The Big Picture - Tales of Shoreham-by-Sea

Show Graphic (Main).png

Marlipins Museum, Shoreham-by-Sea

“A truly immersive, intimate walk through Shoreham's history and an innovative and exciting event in this year's Shoreham Wordfest literary festival!” - Ingenue Magazine

An immersive theatre history trail and part of Shoreham WordFest.

Lights, camera, action! … Fingers crossed.


Budding screenwriter Sylvia Morley is searching for inspiration for her next script. Take a trip through time as she threads the history of the town into would-be projects and stories just waiting to be told. Whilst journeying through the oldest secular building in Britain you can experience Shoreham through the ages (as well as it’s glamorous connection to the early days of film-making) and perhaps, with a little help from others, Sylvia may well find, tucked away amidst the exhibits and artefacts, the inspiration for her next idea, her next killer script, her next… Big Picture.

Produced by Half-Time Orange Theatre with Shoreham WordFest in association with Marlipins Museum and Sussex Past

Sylvia Morley // The Screenwriter | Hannah Johnson

Charles II // The King | Bruce Allinson

Phoebe Hessell // The Solder | Ashley Christmas

Cecil Pashley // The Aviator | Thomas Dorman

Just On...

A Night's Watch - Tales of Crawley

Tales of Crawley Logo.png

Ancient Priors, Crawley High Street 

A trip through time and a chance to experience Crawley through the ages!

Led by the ghost of the old Nightwatchman, meet various characters from Crawley's past and hear their stories as you journey through one of the High Street's oldest buildings.

Produced by Half-Time Orange Theatre with Crawley Borough Council as

part of Crawley WordFest in association with The Hawth Theatre

Mark Hurston // The Nightwatchman | Ollie West

Sadie Hawkhurst // The Smuggler | Hattie Chapman

John Leech // The Illustrator | Ryan Woodcock

Max Stroud // The Soldier | Joseph Vaiana

"Truly immersive and a perfect representation of Crawley's past!"

The Sussex Express


Kit Loyd & Ethan Taylor, Co-Artistic Directors


We are delighted to have been appointed Associate Artist of

The Hawth Theatre in Crawley.


And we are proud to have worked with:

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