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Crawley High Street

Tales of Crawley

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A Night's Watch

"Truly immersive and a perfect representation of Crawley's past!"

The Sussex Express

A trip through time and a chance to experience Crawley through the ages!

Led by the ghost of the old Nightwatchman, meet various characters from Crawley's past and hear their stories as you journey through one of the High Street's oldest buildings.

Produced by Half-Time Orange Theatre with Crawley Borough Council in association with The Hawth Theatre

Mark Hurston // The Nightwatchman | Ollie West

Sadie Hawkhurst // The Smuggler | Hattie Chapman

John Leech // The Illustrator | Ryan Woodcock

Max Stroud // The Soldier | Joseph Vaiana

18th & 19th November, 2022 // 24th & 25th March 2023

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